Ayam Island in East Belitung

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Ayam Island in East Belitung
Ayam Island. Photo: Cesart Photography.

Ayam Island Aka Love Island in East Belitung

WIKI.JABEJABE.co – Tourism in East Belitung Regency is getting more and more crowded. There are many charming beach destinations, interesting cultural tours, and even literary tours that are rarely found in Indonesia such as the Museum Kata of Andrea Hirata.

Like Belitung Regency with the strength of beach tourist destinations and small islands, in fact East Belitung Regency also has beautiful small islands.

However, among the destinations of these islands, there are still some that are not yet known, one of which is Ayam Island.

This island is located in the southern part of East Belitung. Precisely between Melidang Island and Selanduk Island. To access this island takes about 1 hour. Departure point from Pelabuhan Pasar Ikan (PPI), Gantung District, East Belitung.

At least half an hour along the Lenggang River to the estuary, and the rest is a trip from the estuary to Ayam Island.

Why is Ayam (Chicken) Island called Love Island?

Some tourists call it Love Island. This is because, from the camera’s point of view through a bird’s eye view, Ayam Island looks like love. However, this island which is overgrown with coconut trees is better known as Ayam Island.

Love Island – Ayam Island – Photo [Source]
Behind the naturalness and beauty of this island, it is not clear why it is called the Ayam Island. Maybe from a certain point of view, this island is also in the form of a chicken or there were many chickens in it.

Ayam Island Characters

Coconut trees dominate the Ayam Island. However, if you look closely, some mangrove plants can be seen on the beach side.

Like the beaches and other islands in Belitung, Ayam Island has white sand. Apart from coconut trees and mangroves, there is grass surrounding the island.

Silence has become a part of this island. It is suitable for fellow tourists who want to enjoy the beach and the island while looking for tranquility, like a private island.

What are the Specialties of Ayam Island

  • Beautiful island and clear sea water around it
  • Ayam Island can be said to be still a virgin aka sustainable and natural
  • Sunrise and sunset are one of the interesting dishes on this island
  • Like a private island, there are no other visitors and it has a calm and comfortable atmosphere

What to Do on Ayam Island

  • Let’s trekking Ayam Island

Ayam Island is not large, only 1.5 hectares. In the middle of the island there are many coconut trees and grass. Meanwhile, there are mangroves around it.

  • Enjoy the beach

Not all areas around the beach are overgrown with mangroves, some coastal areas also have white sand. Not far from Ayam Island there is an island of Selanduk and a mound of small islands, making for a beautiful panorama to enjoy.

  • Photo Hunting

Of course, the interesting documentation on Ayam Island cannot be ignored, the beautiful panorama makes your photography work very interesting.

  • Access to Ayam Island

There are many accesses to this island, one of which is through Pelabuhan Pasar Ikan in Gantung District. However, basically you can access the island through small ports on the east coast.

Ayam Island. Photo [Source]

Camping de Island on Ayam Island

In 2013 and 2015, the Department of Culture and Tourism Department of East Belitung Regency held Camping de Island activities.

This activity involves various parties who have a major contribution to the promotion and progress of East Belitung tourism. Among them are the Travel Agency, Media, Backpacker, and the team from Department of Culture and Tourism Department of East Belitung Regency as the organizer. Even some tourists and travel agents from Singapore also participated in this event.

The purpose of this activity is mainly promotion, introducing East Belitung tourism to the world.

Other Destinations in the East Coast Region

  • Bukit Batu Beach

Bukit Batu Beach is a sandy beach and there is a cluster of granite located in Burung Mandi Village, Damar District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

  • Buku Limau Island

Buku Limau Island is one of the villages located in Manggar District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

  • Burung Mandi Beach

This beach is one of the geosites owned by Belitong Geopark. This beach is located in Burung Mandi Village, Damar District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

  • Nyiur Melambai Beach

This beach is located in Lalang Village, Manggar District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province. This beach is often a meeting center on a large scale.

  • Olie Pier Beach

This beach is a beach that is closely related to the history of tin mining in East Belitung. The beach, which is located in Lalang Village, is a place for ships carrying tin, as well as a place for refueling the ships.

  • Keramat Beach

Keramat Beach is a beach that is directly connected to the Nyiur Melambai Beach line. Unlike the name of the beach, when you enter this beach, what you see is a beautiful, charming white sandy beach.

  • Mudong Beach

Administratively, this beach is still in the area of ​​Gantung District, East Belitung Regency. However, this beach is the longest beach in East Belitung.

  • Serdang Beach

Not far from the Lipat Kajang Market, Manggar District, there is a beautiful beach that is always crowded with local people, namely Serdang Beach. On this white sandy beach there are rows of restaurants serving seafood menus.

  • Tambak Beach

One of the beaches located in Sukamandi Village, Damar District, is Tambak Beach. This beach is a pier for bekater (boats with outriggers) fishermen.

On this beach there is a mangrove tour, where visitors can trekking through the path built by the manager. Visitors can also see the expanse of mangrove nurseries in this area.***

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