Sekepar Island

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Sekepar Island in East Belitung
Sekepar Island Pier. Photo: Randhica/Disparbudkepora Bangka Belitung.

Islands Hopping in East Belitung – Belitong Island is famous for its beach and island tourism. Call it some of the leading tourist destinations, such as Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach in Belitung Regency, as well as Lengkuas Island in the same district.

However, in East Belitung Regency there are also beaches and islands that are no less beautiful or charming, the island is named Sekepar.

Sekepar Island is one of the beautiful islands located in Gantung District, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia.

This island is located at coordinates 3° 8′ 58,000″ South Latitude, 108° 14′ 41,000″ East Longitude with an area of ​​9.41 hectares.

Half of this island is covered by white sand rugs and surrounding coconut trees. On the other side, there is a coast filled with mangroves. Meanwhile, green grass covers part of the island.

To visit this island and other islands, a traveler can do island hopping in East Belitung.

Sekepar Island. Photo Instagram: @sekepar_island_belitung

Access to Sekepar Island

To get to this island, a traveler can rent a fishing boat at Gusong China Pier, Limbongan Village in Gantung District, East Belitung Regency.

The journey to Sekepar Island takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the speed of the ship.

Ownership of Sekepar Island

Reporting from, the Deputy Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Abdul Fatah, did not deny the ownership of three islands in East Belitung.

Abdul Fatah also mentioned that two of the three islands he owns, namely Bulukut Island and Sekepar Island in East Belitung Regency.

Because it is managed by a certain party, when you want to visit this island, it would be better if you ask permission first from the manager.

Sekepar Island. Photo: Randhica/Disparbudkepora Bangka Belitung.

Island Facilities

By the manager, the island has built several facilities to support comfort while visiting.

These facilities include a dock that makes it easier for boats to dock on this island.

On this island there are two gazebos made of wood to relax. In addition, there is a hut which is also made of wood.

What to Do on Sekepar Island

Sekepar Island has a type of sloping white sandy beach around which there are dead coral reefs caused by the tides. This coral reef appears above the surface of the clear water.

However, there are coral reefs in the deeper part that can be explored and enjoyed its beauty.

As for what visitors who come to this island can do, among others:

1. Swim and enjoy the atmosphere on the coast;
2. Snorkeling;
3. Fun diving;
4. Spearfishing; and
5. Fishing.

Another interesting thing that can be seen on this island is watching the sunrise and sunset.

Tourist Destinations Around Sekepar Island

Island hopping, aka tours to small islands, is not only done on Belitung Island. In East Belitung, there are several islands around Sekepar Island.

These islands include Ayam Island, Selanduk Island, Rotan Island, and several other small islands.

If you are still not satisfied, also visit tourist destination spots such as Pasir Island or Gusong which can also be found in the East Belitung Sea.

And if you want to be more challenging, a traveler can also do snorkeling, fun diving, spearfishing, and fishing activities.


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